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Main Products

The company will follows the principles of continuous iprovement OEM and ODM orders are welcome
  • 2W(UW)brass series water(hot water) gas solenoid valve

  • 2W(UW)Stainless steel series water(hot water) gas solenoid valve

  • 2L(US)series steam solenoid valve

  • ZCZ Series steam solenoid valve

  • ZQDF Series steam solenoid valve

  • ZCT(ZCQ) Series stainless steel solenoid valve

  • ZCM Series steam solenoid valve

  • XSFP strong acid alkaline diaphragm anti-corrosion solenoid valve

  • DF(ZCS) Series liquid solenoid valve

  • XSD Series pilot operated solenoid valve

  • XSBD Series Solenoid Valve

  • XSE Series High pressure Solenoid Valve

  • XS-A Series Two position two way direct acting solenoid valve

  • XSB Series Pilot Operated Diaphragm

  • ZCA(XSZC)vacuum solenoid valve

  • XSDF fast open-close fountain submersible solenoid valve

  • 0927 serise diaphragm solenoid valve

  • XSGW series High temperature solenoid valve

  • XSP Series steam solenoid valve

  • XSG series 2/2 way high pressure solenoid valve

  • Long time no overheat series Water(hot water) gas solenoid valve

  • 2W-NASS series water (hot water) gas solenoid valve

  • Electric Ball Valve DQ200

  • Filter/Check Valve/Ball Valve/Connecter

  • PU Series water (hot water) gas solenoid valve

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YUYAO XINSHENG SOLENOID VALVE CO.,LTD. is a collection of research, development and production of solenoid valves professional manufacturing enterprises, with advanced management mechanisms and sophisticated mechanical processing design and improve the production of testing equipment.

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